Founded in 1997 in Cardonville by Pascal Bourel and Stéphane Mainnemare, Olymp’Etiq joined the Labelys Group in December 2021. Olymp’Etiq specializes in the manufacture of technical adhesive labels intended mainly for the agri-food market but also for hygiene , industry and chemicals. With a premium quality of service and very short production times, the company has been able to build a portfolio of concentrated and loyal customers. Based in Saint-Jean-du-Cardonnay near Rouen, on a 3,500 m2 site built in 2019 and equipped to the best market standards for the company, Olympetiq generates around €11m in turnover.

Grégoire Desmettre (president of Labely Group): “Olymp’Etiq is the meeting between an urgent market, that of fresh produce, and an exceptional organization to respond to it. Pascal and Stéphane have created a unique company in the label world in many ways. I am delighted that they have chosen Labelys! »