We help your products stand out

Having invested constantly in the best technology, recruited talented people for both today and tomorrow and developed several R&D centres, the group is able to offer its customers constant quality improvement and innovation for greater visibility, since the label is the final presentation of brand image before the act of purchase.

Our know-how

Labelys offers a wide range of products (single, composite and multi-page labels) adapted to the specific requirements of customers and their markets, together with specialist techniques (3D printing, braille, etc.) and finishing processes (foiling, technical varnish, swellable varnish, embossing, flocking, etc.).

Labelys also offers an extensive range of services, particularly in terms of label design. Its sites have their own graphic design studios and colour research and control laboratories, which can tailor solutions to projects. These capabilities allow Labelys to offer a global and comprehensive service, from project design to delivery.

Finally, to improve traceability and limit counterfeiting, Labelys offers various processes to ensure not just label identification and security but also individuality, each label being rendered unique, regardless of the number printed, by a QR Code, a number, varying decorative effects… or all three at the same time.

Industrial labels

Wines & spirits

Online labels