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Since it was founded in 1974, APE has continued to expand, invest and innovate to serve its key customers. Today, APE is unrivalled as the largest French adhesive label production site. Its expertise, innovations and industrial capabilities, together with the location of its customers, make it an international leader in its field. The company employs 138 people on premises covering 8,000 m², serving more than 350 customers and producing two billion labels every year.

Its Executive Committee, made up of Marcelo Parra and Sammy Poirault is responsible for managing the site.

Tel : 05 49 51 33 79

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Founded in 2006, Label Pack is recognised today as a specialist in adhesive labels for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Located in Quincieux, just outside Lyons, Label Pack operates on premises extending to about 1,500 m².

Label Pack’s many strengths include design, economic and technical solutions, innovation and responsiveness.

Z.I. En Chuel
Route de Chasselay
Téléphone  : 04 78 43 16 34
Email : contact@label-pack.fr

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Etiqroll was founded in 1986, originally to serve the needs of local winemakers in the Loire Valley. As its expertise and reputation grew, it expanded into other areas such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. Thirty years later, Etiqroll is still growing, thanks to ongoing investments and innovations, with the sole aim of striving to exceed customer expectations. Surrounded by the vineyards of Vouvray, it has 37 highly dedicated employees with a well-equipped workshop of more than 2,500 m².

Its Executive Committee, made up of Chrystelle Bordier (Financial Director) and Marcelo Parra (Operations Director), is responsible for managing the site.

Z.A de Chatenay
Rue des Compagnons CS 15003
Tél :
Email : Info@etiqroll.fr

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This company, created in 1997 by Pascal Bourel and Stéphane Mainnemare, is the French specialist in the fresh food market.

Endowed with exceptional know-how, unique in its organisation and equipped with the latest-generation equipment, Olymp’Etiq is one of very few companies in France able to address this fast-moving market.

Located in Saint-Jean-du-Cardonnay near Rouen, the new factory (2019) is managed by Julie Bourel and Tony Maitre-jean.

690, rue Georges Charpak
76150 Saint Jean du Cardonnay
Tel : 02 35 33 78 00

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Languedor Roussillon / Cataluna

Founded in 1951 by André Chalaguier, a passionate artisan-printer, the Chalaguier company has been able to perpetuate a family heritage started in 1831 by the Rambal family.

Over the generations, Chalaguier has evolved and established itself as a major player in its sector, recognized for its level of quality and service.

Established in the prestigious Languedoc Roussillon vineyard, Chalaguier generates a turnover of 10 million euros.

Chalaguier is present in France but also in Spain, in Girona, in the Cataluna region.

33 chemin du chêne blanc
30190 La Rouvière
Téléphone  : 04 66 81 89 66

Photo exterieur usine Adesa Smart Label



Established more than 50 years ago, Adesa is a European pioneer in the printing of adhesive labels.

Also at the forefront of this new market, it is the leading French web-to-print operator with its website Adesa.fr.

Located in La Rouvière, near Nîmes, the brand new (2020) site is managed by Brice Carugati and his sister Chrysé.

33 chemin du chêne blanc
30190 La Rouvière
Téléphone  : 04 66 81 89 66

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Satergraf was founded in 1991. Since then, the company has continually invested and grown to be at the forefront of technology, offering best-quality products.

Satergraf currently has more than 5000 m² of factory area and state-of-the-art machinery, being leaders in digital printing in its markets.

Bosch i Gimpera, 47
08223 Terrassa (Barcelona)
Tel  : +34 93 731 58 56
Email : sater@satergraf.es

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Castille – La Mancha

Founded in 1992 by the Morales Olnedo brothers, Graficas Tomelloso is a company historically established in the region of Castile-La Mancha, the first wine region in Europe and in the world. Its vineyard provides half of the Spanish production.

Graficas Tomelloso, leader in its market, is recognized for its quality and technicality.

The site is mainly equipped with flexo and digital with premium finishing lines.

The site is managed by Patricio Morales Olnedo.

Ctra. de Socuéllamos Km 0,800
13700 Tomelloso – C. Real
Tel : +34 926 50 54 29 sater@satergraf.es

Extérieur usine Satergraf


La Rioja

Founded in 2010 by Diego Castillo, Etilisa is a young company which, under the impetus of its leader, has experienced strong growth.

Specializing in the manufacture of adhesive labels for the wine market, mainly that of the Rioja region, the only humid wine region in Spain, Etilisa is recognized for its printing quality and its services. It provides all the most important bodegas in the region.

Located in Arnedo, not far from Logrono, capital of Rioja, on a 2,250 m2 site and equipped with digital printing and premium finishing.

Polígono El Raposal II, C. Zapatilleros, 8, 10, 26580 Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain

Tel  : +34 941 38 16 72